Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mish Mash

I couldn't resist the beauty of this sunset, as seen from our living room window...These are moments when I feel that life is worth living...
Well, today was a strange day...Don't ask me why, it just was. A day when everything flew normally, a day that didn't upset me as much as other days usually do. I am pretty much alone here, in Israel, but today I felt that my loneliness wasn't as heavy as usual. Maybe I started being confortable with myself? Maybe I'm finally growing up?
Anyway, my dreamcatcher doesn't work properly. It is supposed to catch the bad dreams, right? Before they enter my head, I mean. Last night I had an awful nightmare.I dreamt I was melting. You know, like ice in the sun, like sugar in water...The dream was so vivid, I remember that I actually felt my feet melting, like they were, I don't know, something that melts in water (poor comparison, I know, but nothing pops in my head right now). I wake up horrified and boy, was I happy it was just a dream or not... I bought a dreamcather sometime ago and I think it is faulty. First of all, the circle with the weaving is not vertical, as it has to be, but horizontal. When I saw it I thought it is strange, but it was pretty (woman thinking here, sorry), so I bought it anyway.I have to check the internet and buy a proper one. Untill then, I'll have to think about nice things before I go to bed. No more vampires and stuff like that.
Edit: I googled dreamcathers, and besides the vertical thing, they also have a hole in the middle of the weaving thingy. Mine doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm...
Check it here, for example:
or here:
Well, that's it then. A new dreamcather is. And I'll tell you if my nightmares return.
I have to go to bed, it is late and tomorrow it is Cleaning day (is it Thursday already?) and I also have to go to the dentist. Again.
Night-night, whoever you are...

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Batya said...

Interesting blog.

I love that picture. Do you really have such a gorgeous view of the sea? My kids complain that homes were built blocking our view of Emek Shiloh, the Valley of Shiloh. Our house blocks a different one. I'm happy that Shiloh has lots of new families in our neighborhood. I can always go out to enjoy the view.

Alone in Holy Land said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you'll visit it again soon.
Yes, this is hte view that I have when I look from the living room windows. It is something, isn't it?