Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

Yes, summer is here, as I said before. The cruel, scorching and humid Israeli summer is here. Today is was unusually hot, and because we got up pretty late (9.00) we didn't go to the park. We went to the supermarket instead, because I needed to buy some dog food for Dubi. Maya did some shopping for herself, too. She likes very much when we go to the supermarket and she can buy whatever she wants. Today she bought two books (that's my girl) and a small wind up toy train.
I hate cooking when it is hot. Not that I'm much of a cook, but I try hard. Yesterday we had for dinner cauliflower bake so today for lunch we had leftovers and Maya wanted some noodles,too. Today for dinner we'll have potatoes au gratin (I think that's the exact name). It is a recipe that I borrowed from my Grandma (May God rest her in peace) and we called it back at home "French potatoes" . Lately Maya helps me a lot in the kitchen and although this way I have to spend double the time cooking, it is worth, every second of it. She'll eat everything she cooks, so it is definitely worthy.
Today, while we were preparing the ingredients for the potatoes, Maya was singing to herself (in Romanian):
"If you need to pee
If you need to pee,
Do it in the potty,
do it in the potty"
She has such a sweet voice, my baby!

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