Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dreaming of the Numberjacks and vampires

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Maya is feeling better, thank God! Today I took her to the paeditrician again, she recomended a blood count to see if Maya had some infection, but the results came negative. So, we just have to be patient and it'll pass. Today she ate a bit more and didn't throw up, no fever and she even had an afternoon nap. I hope she'll be even better tomorrow.
Sorry, no inspiration today. Yesterday night after all the stress I fell asleep imediately after I hit the pillow and I dreamt about the Numberjacks! You know, the Linkchildren's show with the cute numbers that go on different rescue missions...Maya likes them a lot, so we have several DVDs and we watch them a lot.

I started re-reading the Twilight saga. Even though I have a lot of books to read, I felt I needed something nice and sweet (and with vampires), a nice love story and a happy ending, just to boost my morale. Call me whatever you want to call me, but I love the Twilight books. I am a sucker for a good love story. As for vampires...well, I was born in Transylvania, you know... I learned about Vlad Tepes in the History lessons (you know, the Transilvanian "domnitor" - a sort of prince, who is considered to be the inspiration for the Dracula guy) so I always liked books that had some trace of vampire in them. I started reading Anne Rice in my twenties (in was translated in Romanian) and I still remember the movie "Interview with a vampire".

How the heck did I get from the Numberjacks to vampire fiction? I must be tired, I suppose.
So, night night everybody. Hopefully tomorow will be a better day for all of us!

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