Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Evil Eye

These are Maya and her father (first two pictures), the pictures were taken this winter.

And here is my beautiful baby girl. Why this picture when the title of this post is "The Evil Eye"? I wanted you to see the beauty and innocence of my baby and to understand my frustration and anger.And confusion.
Something very strange happened last night. It was simply weird...As you may know if you read my previous posts, yesterday we had a party and we invited a lot of friends. We celebrated my hubby's 52nd birthday and my daughter's Maya 3rd.
We had a lot of fun at the party, especially Maya. She had her guests, Sandy, a seven years old girl, the daughter of one of my friends and Tomer, a boy who is 13 years old and whom Maya worships. The guests left at aproximately 17.30 after some of them helped us with the dishes and vacuum cleaner. Maya was pretty tired, so it was shower for her, milk and "In The Night Garden" - she always watches it before going to bed. I stayed late, because I had to finish with the cleaning, I took Dubi (the dog ) out, fed the stray cats, watched some TV - "The Worst Wife in Britain", some sort of reality series about sloppy and lazy wives, read some (finished Naomi Ragen's "The Convenant", started something new), in short, I went to bed close to midnight. Maya sleeps with us, so after I, finally and with a sigh, put my head on the pillow I listened to her, to see if everything is fine. Afert some time, she started kicking and tossing, shouting "No!', "No!' and crying. I caressed her hair, whispered to her, tried to comfort her. It worked for a few minutes, and then it strated again. After a few "rounds" like this, I tried to wake her up, but wasn't very succesful. I could see that she was dreaming, having some nightmare...I didn't now what to do...The time was close to 1 o'clock in the morning...then I suddenly remembered how people looked at Maya during the party, saying things like "God, she is so beautiful"...and I also remembered how my grandmother used to say that when people look at you like that, they can give you "the evil eye", in Romanian, "deochi" (read "deoki"). Luckily, I knew the "drill",it was the same thing the grandma used to do to us - you have to put off seven burning matches in a cup of water, then, with the sign of the Holy Cross, you have to touch the person with your fingertips (after you dipped them in the water with the matches) three times on the sole of the feet, pals, mouth (they actually have to drink three sips from the water), over the heart and on the forehead. During this, you have to say some sort of incantation, but I didn't remembered it, so I just said "Our Father". After you finish, you have to throw the contents of the cup on the door frame and leave the cup, matches and all for some time.
Well, after I did everything, believe me or not, Maya suddenly relaxed and went to a peaceful sleep. Even my husband who is a non-believer was speachless. What happened there? I have no idea...I am a pretty superstitious person and I believe in God, this is the way I was raised. Romanians are religious and I was raised by my grandmother and her sister, and they were very dedicated to God, especially my grand-aunt. So, I believe in stuff like this and after I googled "the evil eye", I was surprised to find so much information about it on the net. So, on Wednesday, when we have here a shouk (market) I am going to buy Maya a red string to put it around her wrist( she had one when she was a baby) and I'll buy some nazars (blue eyes that protect from evil) and some hamsot (hamsa, the hand of Miriam for the Jews, hand of Fatima for the Muslims ) that have the nazar in the middle, and some fish symbols (fish are considered to be immune to the evil eye in the Jewish tradition), also I'll put some chillies and lemons on a string and hang them somewhere near the house's main door (according to indians, they ward against the evil eye). And some kohl on Maya's forehead should help too.
Call me crazy if you want, but I am terrified that I won't be always able to protect my children from the unseen... as if there is not enough evil that walks among us, that we can see.
There is a very good article on the evil eye on Wikipedia:
you should read it and protect yourselves!
One more thing before I finish with this subject. I am an intellectual, University educated, born in Romania, that is true but nevertheless, and I don't usually believe in old superstitions, but today I started thinking...
Have a safe day and keep coming back!

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