Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy birthday, Maya!

Today is Maya's birthday. She is three years old! I cannot belive! Times passes so quickly...Tomorrow we have a BIG party for her (and for her dad, too, we celebrate them together), so today it was only chores, chores, chores, cooking, cleaning, cleaning, last minute shopping... I bought her a beautiful dress for tomorow, I even bought myself something nice to wear (since I gained weight I didn't buy any clothes, like a sort of punishment ). I hope I'll have some nice pictures to post.
And another good news. She ate a bit more today and yesterday, too. Not a lot, but it is a step forward and I don't intend to push her. Some grapes here, some buns, tofu and fruit, so I'm really pleased.
Yesterday night I had an awful dream. It was war again (or it was the same war that we had last time), we had an alarm and missiles started to fall. And kept falling, and the building shoock, and I covered Maya with my body...I was terrified. I woke up with my heart pounding, scared and then relieved it wasn't true, that it was only a dream. I think what triggered this dream was the drill that we had last week, we had an alarm in the morning and Maya was scared to death. She started to shake and cry as we went out (we don't have a safe room in the apartment, so we have to get out and sit on the staircase on the fifth floor-we live on the 6th floor so we have to go down to the floor beneath us). Her memeories of the war we had in winter is still very fresh in her memory. We have here a siren for the Remembrance day and one for the Holocaust day and this year during the siren Maya kept shouting in distress :"Alarm, mummy, alarm!"
Well, I don't have time now to dwell on the memories of the war, or,as it is was called here, Operation Cast Lead, but for shure I'll write about it sometime later...
Now, back to the birthday preparations!

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