Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maya Says

A love the fact that I have a baby-girl. I get to buy her nice dresses, to dress her, to comb her hair. Having a boy is fun to, but a baby- girl...
Before we went out today I said to Maya:
"Baby, you're gorgeous."
And she responded:
"Gorgeous with a binky" (and shoved the binky into her mouth)...
Well, today Maya was at her best... When out shopping she asked everybody we came in contact with "What is your name?"(Eich korim lach/lecha - in Hebrew).

Then, back home, she kept asking me :
"How do we say cement in Hebrew, Ramona?"
"I don't know, baby"
"Oh, yes, you know, Ramona, you're a grown up."

So I had to phone her daddy and ask him, I really had no idea how do we say cement in Hebrew.

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