Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still not eating

Pretty bad start to our day. Maya still refuses to eat...I am surfing the web for advice and I'm thinking about buying Supernanny's book. In case you didn't know, Supernanny has a very good site here:


Because, as the name of my blog says it, I am alone here, I rely a lot for information on the web and on books. After Maya was born, I remember I bought the "What to expect..." books and they were very helpful. Believe me, it is very difficult to be in a country that is not your home (at least that's what I still feel ), alone, with a new born baby. No wonder I succumbed to post-natal depression. And thank God I finished with Cypralex. The "detox" process was very difficult, but I am clean now!
So, back to Maya...I try to be laid-back about this no eating situation, but I am more and more concerned...It is really a pitty that nobody reads this blog, I really would need some advice on 3 years old toddlers.

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