Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls Play

Maya doesn't go to the kindergarten yet, and she doesn't have playmates. This is a real problem and it happened because in this neighborhood all the kids that are not in kindergarten yet are Russian speakers (they and their minders). So they have a problem connecting with Maya, which, by the way, speaks Romanian and Hebrew. They prefer the other kids that speak Russian, like them. And even if the kids would like to play with Maya, their minders don't speak Hebrew, so they just like to keep it between themselves. So, this leaves me as Maya's playmate. And we play...oh boy, yes we play. For example, only this morning, after she woke up and had her breakfast, we played the doctors - Sponge Bob, an inflatable doll that Maya has, was really sick, so we gave him cough syrup and vitamins. Then, we had to dress one of her other dolls, comb her hair...then, the baby-doll was hungry and we fed her milk from the bottle... And it is only 10 o'clock in the morning...I don't mind playing with Maya. I know she needs it and I am happy to oblige. I am also on a constant hunt for play dates for her, because I know she has to interact with kids their age.
But know we have to take a break, because we're out of milk, eggs and cheese, so we need to go out to buy some. Then we'll go to the One Dollar store...I promised her...
See you all later...

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We Are Consciouness said... daughter is an only child as well...can totally relate to this post! :)