Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So many books, so little time

Maya is reading to our dog, Dubi...

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I am definitely a book worm. I love books, I love to read...I cannot imagine a world without books for myself. Books keep me sane, they help me escape this reality and enter so many different and fascinating worlds. When I don't read, I listen to audio books, so that no precious second goes wasted. I love classical literature, I like to return to "old" favorites from time to time (Dickens, Austen, Bronte). I am pretty ecclectic in what I read, I like different genres: I love chick lit, also a good mystery, I am a huge fan of the new urban fantasy genre, I like fantasy (not everything, though), I love good poetry. I don't read science fiction or romance (well, maybe from time to time, when I need a good cry out). I love latin-american writers (Mario Vargas Llosa is my favourite), Romanian writers (I read them in Romanian, of course) will always strike a deep chord in my soul. But, above all, I LOVE indian writers. It doesn't matter if they were born and raised in India, emigrated, born and bred in the UK, born somewhere else in the world...The indian writer has something so special that, for me, at least, it is impossible to explain. They write differently, but they have something in common, a certain way with the words that make me re-read them avidely.
Rohinton Mistry - absolutely the best - for me, at least; Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni ("The Mistress of Spices" ,mmmmm, when I read this book, I can always smell the spices in her shop); Zadie Smith ("On Beauty", marvelous), Hanif Kureishi, Arundhati Roy (mind blowind) and the list can go on.
I discovered a writer that I didn't hear of, his name is Ali Sethi, I bought his book "The Wish Maker" and he's actually from Pakistan. Cannot wait to read it!

So, if you've heard of a good indian writer, please let me now!

And if you think Maya is not with me in this books business, you're wrong...and I have the photo to prove it...(as you can see in the begining of the post).And after I'll manage how to post photos where I want them, I'll post more.
I am truly pleased with myself. The second season of "True Blood" has started an I have the first two episodes.Good bye Edward Cullen, Hello Bill Compton!

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