Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where is My Shanti?

Maya always wakes me up in the morning by asking me what's the time, and then where's her daddy. But before that, at about 5.00 in the morning my son's alarm clock goes off, then the busses start their day, then the cars and finally the workers from the building site across the road...

I grew up in a small town in Romania, and on our street there hardly was any traffic, at all. Then, when I moved to Cluj, in the beginning I stayed in all kinds of crazy places, blocks of flats with crazy people that kept shouting at night, drinking to much and beating their wives, or having parties. When I finally bought an apartment, I thought it was in a pretty normal area, where normal people leave...How wrong I was! Above me, I had a couple that trew huge parties almost every week-end, and on my floor two apartments with party lovers. Once we had to call the police because they were making such a racket we thought the building was going to collapse...O.K, then I came here in Israel, and in the beginning we lived in an apartment in a small building and of course, above us was living a guy thet kept shuffling his furniture at night, making a terrible noise. Near him, we had a drug dealer and sometimes junkies came to beg him for a fix, shouting his name...He went to gail at some point. Now, we live in a decent neighborhood, nice neighbors (well, with the occeasional party, what do you want?) BUT, our bedroom is facing the busy and NOISY road, I cannot open the windows because of the traffic, and we have a building site where the workers start shouting at 7.00 o'clock in the morning...

I really need some peace and quiet here!

And we cannot move again. That's it. I want my shanti. I cannot bear this noise anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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