Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passing By Love

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I wrote the following poem some 11 years ago, when I was falling in love with my husband and the country that would become my home. Back then, I thought that , unlucky as i was in finding true love, everything would end in tears. But here we are now, it is our 10th wedding anniversary and we have a beautiful family, and I hope for many more years to come!
Happy anniversary, my dear husband!

passing by love

everything in my life
is temporary
nothing lasts more than a moment.

even you,
my temporary love
will come to an end
like a chapter from the torah.

the prickly cacti
on the road side
the cry of the seagull
the sunset.
one haredi whispering his prayer
at the wailing wall
the candles lit on hanuka
the flat bread for passover
the sweet, rippen dates
bitter herbs
a leaf drying
between the pages of a bible
the soldier sleeping with his head on my shoulder.

even you,
my temporary love
won't last for ever

only this land is eternal.

massada fortress lives its battles
the maccabees' graves
golgotha mountain
the broken stone
and the blood trickling down to the earth's heart
mary's tears
steps on via dolorosa
the olive trees
on the golan heighs
the quiet water of the jordan river
the zohar scribbled on the synagogue's wall
adam's bones
mary magdalene's smile

only you,
my israeli love
are temporary
everything else

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Alone in Holy Land said...

Thank you, Tami!
Wow, the time does indeed fly!

Kaibee said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Its a really nice poem!