Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Musical Baby

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This evening, after I showered Maya and I wrapped her in a huge towel, we were down for cuddle time on the bed in our bedroom. She hugged me and said :"I have a song for you, Ramona". Well, her song had only two words, repeated a dozen times, but were the sweetest words sung by the sweetest voice of my angel. "My mother, my mother" she sang, following an imaginary melody. Actually, she sang it in Hebrew:"Ima sheli, ima sheli"...
Maya is a very "musical" child. When she was a wee baby she suffered from colic, like most of the babies her age, so she cried a lot then, and to sooth her I hold her a lot in my arms and rocked her. I used to walk kilometres in the apartment with her in my arms. Then, at some point, I started singing to her. I remembered a song that my mother used to sing to my brothers and sister. It is a Romanian song, its name is "Don't cry no more, baby" (my translation) and it was sung by Margareta Paslaru, a very well-known Romanian singer. Well, I am no singer and although Maya approved of my singing, I found the song on line and we listened to it for hours and hours...Then, I looked up other songs, lullabies, old favorites on mine, all in different languages and I made her a playing list...She loved to listen to music and even now, when she's upset or sick, I take her in my arms and we listen to music, or sing together and it does the trick almost every time, by calming, soothing her. For a long time she loved Louis's Armstrong "What a Wonderful World", then for a while we listened to Romanian rock (there is a Romanian singer - Nicola, with a very nice song "Honey, Honey" that Maya loved), she liked very much Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing", we had a pretty varied repertory. even now, when she goes to sleep in the evening, she listens to a lullaby. Now it is "Hush Little Baby", she listened to it for so long she nows the lyrics by heart. Or, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", another die-hard favourite. From time to time, I have to introduce her to new songs, because I'm bored stiff by listening to the same song over and over again.
I am not a big fan of classical music, I like a few composers and some operas, but that's all. I'm an oldie girl at heart, me. So , Maya is the same...Anyway, I have a great ally in music when things go rough, I even tried the other side around - when Maya has too much energy, I put some crazy dancing music and we dance until she's flat on the floor!!!!Actually is me on the floor, breathless, Maya could dance for ever...

Here you have link to youtube if you want to listen to the Romanian songs I wrote about. ("Don't Cry No More, Baby", in Romanian of course)
and the beautiful Nicola with "Honey, Honey"

Have fun! ( I know we did!)

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Batya said...

Lovely post. singing is so important. It helps memory, too.