Friday, July 24, 2009


Alphonso mangoes in a box surrounded by straw.Image via Wikipedia


I bought three mangoes today.
Oval, almost round
plump and heavy
like a mother's breast.

Their smooth
dark yellow reddish skin
and the electric orange flesh

so sweet
almost like first love's kisses.
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Unknown said...


One of my favorite things about living in California were mangoes.

My man is a California surfer, with a love for mangoes. Many evenings we sit in our courtyerd, snacking on cantelopes and mangoes and yes, mangoes always remind me of his kisses!

LVLC said...

Hello Ramona!

Here where I live I have a Romanian friend! Friendly people you are! :)

I love Mangoes! In a year we are moving to Puerto Rico and the town where I live is called the Mangoes Town since there are Mangoes EVERYWHRE! you can stop in the streets and reach them from the trees! I bet people from there are sick of them, but me... I will love them! :)

Alone in Holy Land said...

Oh, I love them mangoes! And Maya, too! No wonder I wrote a poem for them...