Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dreaming of Rain

In the rainImage by K2D2vaca via Flickr

It is so hot in this part of the world that I can feel my brain turning into some kind of terpid mush that stammers and stutters incomprehensible thoughts...
The sun is so hot already in the morning that when I open the blinds and touch the aluminium frame, it burns my fingers.
The light is so strong that is sends daggers through my eyes.
Everything is dry and brown, the grass losing its ground on favour of singed bits of plants that sting your soles.
Strangely enough, everything is dry, but because of the near-by sea the air is so humid it makes the act of inspiring a difficult task. I feel like I am in a not so distant future where everything will be burned dry by the unforgivable sun. So, to escape this reality and any other future ones, I dream...

I dream of Romania. Of cool summer mornings, of spring water so cold that frezees your throat and makes your head hurt.
I dream of a quick summer rain that purifies everything and cleans the air, oh my God, I can almost smell it, the fresh air, the coolness of the rain drops on my skin...I used to go out after the rain and run through the cold puddles like being possesed. By the demon of happiness.

I dream of the dark woods in the Carpathian mountains, where the moss is so green and soft you can put your cheeck on it, sweet and pungent smelling pillow. Oh, the smell of the earth on the wood's floor after a cool summer rain...it smells of trees' bark and crushed bitter leaves and mushrooms, a smell like no other I know. And I remember it so well that I have to open my eyes to make sure I'm still here.

I dream of the electric moment before a summer storm, the clouds dark grey and heavy, the distant rumbling of a thunder, the quick arrow of a lightning, the eerie atmosphere charged with electricity, the silence and then... the nature breaking loose like an orchestra playing in perfect harmony in a huge cathedral with its dome under the sky.

I dream, but like every dream it has to end and the images delete themselves from my brain and the hot air burns my nostrils again and lies heavy on my chest. I sigh and turn on the air-conditioning...

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Stu said...

"Dear reader,
Please don't forget that English is not my native language. I was born in Romania"

This doesn't matter...your writing is beautiful

xyzxyz said...

Such a beautiful blog. I loved reading it. Your daughter is adorable and your dog is so cute. I'm sorry it's so hot. When does the cooler weather start? When it gets real hot here in Florida, especially while playing golf, laying a wet cold towel around the back of my neck really helps. Keep up the good work with your blog and "stay cool."

Unknown said...

You write so beautifully.

I was dreaming of the summer showers that are oh so common around Lake Balaton in July and August, usually catching us as we were walking home from the lido, making us dance and laugh in the rain. Or the mighty mighty storm we were caught in at Lacul Roşu (Gyilkos-tó for me) during my one and only trip to Transylvania, one of the most curious places of the world.

Mesina said...

I agree with Stuart here, your writing is just beautiful. I could almost smell it too. I am also a rain lover and can't stand the heat so much, in small doses great but all the time? no thanks!
Great post x

Alone in Holy Land said...

Thank you all for your beautiful words, you are too kind!
And yes, hevel, I agree with you, Transylvania is a curious place, but also a beautiful one.