Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh My!...Shanti...

Today I had my monthly appointment at my accupuncturist. I have been going to this guy for aproximately nine years now. He is the one that treated my asthma, sorted out my allergies, helped me through my pregnancy and sorted out all my minor ailments. I don't know what I would do without him!!! Although one may say accupuncture cannot be a pleasant experience, because all the neddles involved, I have to tell you, it is pure bliss...For 45 minutes I just lay there, with neddles sticking out from my body and I am so relaxed and calm...Sometimes I listen to one of my audiobooks, sometimes to some music and sometimes, like today, I just do relaxation exercises.

Some time ago, in Romania, a psycholog taught me autogenic training - relaxation exercises. I had, back then, serious problems with heart palpitations, and after a series of tests the doctors said they are psychosomatic (not a real disease, but one that is stress-induced) and recommended a psycholog. I met a great guy (still miss him sometimes) and he gave me this great tool that is autogenic training. It helped me to control my heart a lot of times.

So, after an acupuncture session I am sooo relaxed that I feel I am in shanti!

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